Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Scary Good Time

Some pictures I took before church in the morning.

They really did not want me to take any pictures. They are not opposed to photos, only to sitting or standing still long enough for me to take them. This is the only close up of Greyson I could get.

Nicholas was a bit more cooperative, although this was right before he said "ok, enough already with the pictures".

This is the boys when I said "please, just one more picture". They can run pretty fast.

Ok, I didn't stop. There may be a job for me as part of the Gallatin paparazzi.

Zorro and his little brother Harry Potter. Nice 'stache.

I will cut you with zee blade, en garde.

Quit talking already, Zorro, it's time for some candy.

This just cracks me up. After they were finished trick or treating, they wanted to hand candy out to the other trick or treaters. At first it was fun to sit inside the door and let them knock but in an effort to be more efficient, they decided to sit on the stoop and hand out candy. Also in the name of efficiency, they decided to hold the candy up and yell for people to "come and get it". Never mind that there was not a spook within 200 yards when they started their advertising campaign.

This is where Nicholas got tired of holding up the candy and decided to partake of some. Don't worry, Greyson was not far behind on this.
So the boys had a wonderful time trick or treating. There were a couple of moments of panic before we left when then 'stache pen broke and B had to improvise with the blunt end. Then there was the complete freak out when early birds came to our door while we were still getting dressed and the boys kept whining "we're late for trick or treating". Followed by one of Nick's typical "what if" questions. This one being "what if we are late and they run out of candy".
Grey trick or treated about 45 minutes, then he was ready for me to take him home. Nick managed to make it about 30 more minutes, most of those spent sitting on his Daddy's shoulders (good thing for Daddy that he only weighs 42 lbs), then I head his little pirate lace up boots shuffling up the sidewalk.
On a side note, the difference in their personalities really came out when they were handing out candy. Greyson would quietly hand out one piece of candy at a time, never saying a word until he said "you're welcome", while Nicholas would chat with everyone about random things and give them big handfuls of candy.
All in all a spooktacular evening.

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