Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Other Woman

Well, it's happened. I have known about it for several weeks now but it has just been too painful to put into words. He fell madly in love with her the day he met her and now, weeks later he loves her even more. And how can I compete? She is younger than I am, slimmer than I am, more fun that I am, and she has taught him so much in just a few weeks. He spends hours with her every day and during that time he gives her all my kisses. right now, as I type this he is leaving town with her. Ok, I have to stop because if I think about it too much, I will cry.

You don't think I am talking about Bryant do you?

Nah, I am talking about Nicholas and Mrs. Braswell. He is crazy about his teacher! Loves her with all his 6 year old heart, draws pictures of them holding hands and makes things for her when he is at home. I think it is the sweetest thing ever. About a week or so into his two and a half week fall break, I asked him if he was enjoying his fall break and he said "Yes, but I really miss Mrs. Braswell." Sigh, it's a good thing I like her so much as well, otherwise I would be jealous;)

As for leaving town, Nicholas is going on his first school field trip! They are going to Honeysuckle HIll Farm (yes we have been there). Bryant is going with him and I am going with Greyson to the Pumpkin Place for his school field trip. Bryant is in charge of taking some pics of Nicholas so who knows how that will go. I gave him my point and click (it is a lovely shade of metallic pink) to take some pictures of him at least getting on the school bus (his first time on a bus ever). We'll see. So expect an update in the next couple of days with lots of pictures of at least Greyson and his pumpkins.

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  1. I love it! You are so clever. I knew you weren't talking about Bryant, but I was still confused. :) How wonderful that he loves his teacher so helps him enjoy school. That is great!

    I hope he has a great time picking a punkin today. My Birdie went to the punkin patch with her class on Tuesday, and we go as a family tonight. Can't wait to get lots of great pictures, and I can't wait to see yours!