Monday, May 31, 2010

Our Very Own Legoland

No we did not visit, nor do we have any plans to in the near future. However our house is turning into Legoland. The boys love them. They love to build anything (kinda like their Daddy) and have progressed from MegaBlocks and Lincoln Logs to Lego's. Alot of Lego's.
Our imaginations run wild when we take out the Lego's. Building is so much fun. The pieces are
And small
And perfect for little hands with big imaginations
Today, Greyson and I made

A cement mixer, however we have misplaced the barrel. I do believe it is in with our Matchbox cars, so will have to hunt it down later.

A Helicopter

that flies

A small house

with its own resident.

Our creations for today. What fun! it me or are Lego's getting smaller and smaller?

Skipping Rocks and Throwing Stones

We all spent Sunday at Grandmama Eloise's house. This is the boys' great grandmother for those of you that dont know. Had a wonderful time. Small gathering compared to usual but the boys still had a blast. A favorite pastime is throwing rocks into the lake.
The object is to find a flat rock that will "skip" better, however...
since we really have not mastered the art of skipping rocks,
any old stone will do so long as it makes a good "kerthunk" and splash.

N went home with Cranmama to spend a couple of days, so today it is just me and my little G.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Good, The Bad, and the Clumsy

The Good News is this head injury from last week has healed.
If you will remember from an earlier post, right here. Nicholas walked into an open door at school and banged his head up a bit.

The Bad news is he has several more minor injuries this week. As you can see from the photo's.

He actually skinned up both knees and scraped his thigh but this was the best I could do in the picture department. He did not think it was very funny to photograph his injuries. Sorry Nick. These injuries were acquired at B's new office. He was playing on the sidewalk in front of the building and not paying attention. He fell off the sidewalk and that was the result.

This injury occurred today at T-Ball. He was sitting in the dugout, patiently waiting for his turn to bat. Ok, probably not patiently but he was sitting down like his coach told him to do (repeatedly I am sure) when one of his team mates pushed him off the bench, which is several feet off the ground. I am not going to say much about his team mate, but the boy is about twice Nick's height and weight and has some emotional issues and is not always able to control his own actions. It is a rather big ordeal that I will save for another post. Regardless, I don't think this boy meant to seriously injure Nicholas, in fact he seems to really like him. Regardless, it was a pretty nasty fall and the coach thinks we were lucky the arm was not broken since that and his elbow bore most of his weight in the fall. It was very traumatic for N, he was hurt and his feelings were hurt that a friend pushed him. It required several minutes of Mommy snuggles and kisses, which I was only to happy to give. All too soon, he was back to business and hit a single and knocked in a run. Wooot!

Whats that? Another injury you say? Ah, yes, the fall from the bench happened in the top of the first inning. During the top of the third inning, after N scored a run he was walking to the dugout. Apparently he was just overcome with excitement and pride because instead of paying attention to where he was going his mind was on other things. And he walked right into a bat sitting on the should of one of his teammates. How he managed to hit it hard enough to bruise and cause a knot, I don't know how but he did.

The Clumsy... well I think that speaks for itself, poor little guy. He is going to need a lot of Mommy loving and kisses until it heals. Darn ; )

Friday, May 28, 2010

Starting our Memorial Weekend Early

Ahhhhh, Memorial Day weekend is here for us (a day early).
These guns are pretty cool. There is a base that hooks up the garden hose and the water is pumped in through there. To fill up the guns, you have to snap them on the base and in hardly any time at all they are full. I think they are called Turbo Fill Blasters or something like that. The boys love them. Future action movie star.

The boys finished school for the year yesterday. Believe it or not, I am thrilled. I am looking forward to sleeping a bit later, not rushing through breakfast, nor hoarding kids out the door and into car seats. Just some long, lazy days.

This morning N woke up at 8:00 and G at 9:00. We had a nice, leisurely breakfast. Then we headed out to the backyard for some sprinkler fun!

A Word or Two of Thanks

To My Wonderful Husband:

Thank you for the best 16 years of my life. Thank you for standing beside me, giving me your shoulder to cry on, your strength to lean on, and your heart to depend on. You have been my rock, my heart, my soul, and my conscience. The father of my children and the love of my life. I cannot believe that I blinked and 16 years have passed since the day we were married. Thanks even more for making me laugh every single day of those 16 years, even during the hardest moments of my life.

You are, quite simply, My Everything.


PS. Thanks for the flowers, I love them.

Monday, May 24, 2010

A Day at the Park, a weekend of fun

My blog is finally back up. For some reason blogger thought my blog was a spam blog and they shut my down for a day or two until I appealed it. They then apologized and said that had been wrong and my blog is now back in business, so to speak.

Fun weekend. Went to T-Ball on Saturday only to find out when we got there that the game was cancelled due to rain the night before. They had not had a chance to maintenance the field. So the rest of the day was spent playing with Mimi, bless her heart, she came up to watch Nick play ball.

Yesterday was a busy day. We missed church because Bryant went to work at his Lebanon office early Sunday morning. So our busy day did not start as early as it normally would. We went to play at the Kids Castle in Lebanon before lunch. It was not crowded at all, we had it to ourselves for a while. It was hot but the boys had a blast and I was able to get some really good pics of them playing. As usual, they weren't overly cooperative but bribery works wonders in these situations. So do threats.

Really cool park. Its huge and well maintained, and not crowded which are our favorite qualifications.

Climbing is the best part!

It was very hot outside, we did a great job of staying hydrated.

Lots of action shots of G playing on different things. He was easier to photograph, N was just too darn fast.

Except when he stopped to hydrate, as he likes to say.

Then we went to Mimi's house to cut down some limbs on some of her trees covering her deck. Now, Mimi, you can sit outside and not freak out over the possibility of a tick falling in your hair!

Then it was back home to play on our new Buzz Lightyear 3D slip and slide. Sorry no pics of this as I was too busy running around nagging trying to prevent an injury. It worked! We are all injury free for the moment.

Cant remember if I posted about this, I dont think so, but N had an accident at school last week. Bless his heart, he has my coordination. While walking down the hallway at school, on the way back from the library, he managed to run right into an open door and banged his forehead up pretty good on the edge of the door. It didn't break the skin or anything, just a nice big ol' knot and bruise. It is healing nicely and a lovely shade of yellow today. Took a couple of pics after his bath last night and as you can see, it is not bothering him too much. Check out the hair though! Wild man.

I have been told by a couple of friends that I have failed to put up any "N funnies", so I will post a couple of those later today, when the boys permit.

Friday, May 21, 2010

The Perfect Brownie

We made brownies using our perfect brownie pan. It was a Dirty Santa gift this past Christmas. We had fun. No pics of the completed brownies cause they weren't so perfect looking, just perfect tasting. Yuuuummmmmmmmm.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mama's Little Rednecks

What is it with boys and mud? We played outside this morning in the sunshine. Then it rained. Alot. When it stopped, we went back outside again. And we got filthy, but we had fun! Alot.

They look like little trailer park ruffians. Jim Bob and Bubba.

Raising me a little redneck. You go Jim Bob!

Eeeeeek. That is just nasty but those little feet sure are cute, dirt and all.

All that dirt and grass just looks uncomfortable but he didn't seem to mind.

Running some of that grass and sugar off.

More running. I really need to find out who gave them all that sugar.

Hanging out with Mr. Blue Eyes.

Grey, please dont touch the wild honeysuckle, we dont know if you are allergic. Uh, thanks for listening.

Aaaaah, clean at last. I wasn't too sure all that dried mud and grass would come off. We did have to hose them down with the garden hose before we could even bring them in for a bath.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Playdate with Mimi

Some of our favorite days are when Mimi comes to play. She likes to play on the floor with us.

She doesn't mind if we drag all of our hotwheels and matchbox stuff out.
She's really good at making trick tracks.
She thinks its funny when our cars race through the tracks really fast and knock things over.

And she has the best hugs ever.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

Most days spent with my family are great and Mother's Day was no exception. I am truly blessed.

With him
And him.

Thanks to him

And Him.
Thank you, Lord, for my little family.