Monday, May 31, 2010

Our Very Own Legoland

No we did not visit, nor do we have any plans to in the near future. However our house is turning into Legoland. The boys love them. They love to build anything (kinda like their Daddy) and have progressed from MegaBlocks and Lincoln Logs to Lego's. Alot of Lego's.
Our imaginations run wild when we take out the Lego's. Building is so much fun. The pieces are
And small
And perfect for little hands with big imaginations
Today, Greyson and I made

A cement mixer, however we have misplaced the barrel. I do believe it is in with our Matchbox cars, so will have to hunt it down later.

A Helicopter

that flies

A small house

with its own resident.

Our creations for today. What fun! it me or are Lego's getting smaller and smaller?

1 comment:

  1. We have your own LegoLand at our house too! Pretty soon we'll need a whole wing dedicated to Legos. I love that my son is so creative with them though.