Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mama's Little Rednecks

What is it with boys and mud? We played outside this morning in the sunshine. Then it rained. Alot. When it stopped, we went back outside again. And we got filthy, but we had fun! Alot.

They look like little trailer park ruffians. Jim Bob and Bubba.

Raising me a little redneck. You go Jim Bob!

Eeeeeek. That is just nasty but those little feet sure are cute, dirt and all.

All that dirt and grass just looks uncomfortable but he didn't seem to mind.

Running some of that grass and sugar off.

More running. I really need to find out who gave them all that sugar.

Hanging out with Mr. Blue Eyes.

Grey, please dont touch the wild honeysuckle, we dont know if you are allergic. Uh, thanks for listening.

Aaaaah, clean at last. I wasn't too sure all that dried mud and grass would come off. We did have to hose them down with the garden hose before we could even bring them in for a bath.

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