Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Old Crayon up the Nose trick

So yesterday I had a terrible stomach virus. Just miserable and fortunately for you people, I will not go into detail. After spending all morning with Greyson, picking Nicholas up from school, fixing snacks, and monitoring homework, I felt the almost overwhelming need to lie down, just for a little while. So like any good mother, I pulled out some crayons, pencils and worksheets, turned on the TV and let the boys have free run of the den.

I think I had about 7 minutes to myself before Nicholas runs to me. totally freaked out. He was quite crying, just nervously whining and asked "what happens if you get a crayon up your nose and you cant get it out". Natch, I thought he was talking about Greyson because Greyson is 4 and well, he is Greyson. But no, my extremely cautious six year old was talking about himself.

Yes, THIS Kid

Stuck THIS object

up his nose. So again, like any good mother deserving of the MOTY award, I started laughing. Which caused Nicholas to get even more upset and almost hyperventilate. Then he asked me "Am I going to die cause I cant breathe?" My loving response was "Uh, no". Obviously he did not have much faith in my diagnosis because then he asked "Are you sure?" So, another loving response from me "Well not from this because you still have another nostril to breathe out of and a mouth". So I had him lay down on my bed while I went to get the tweezers. For those of you that don't know Nicholas very well, he has this completely irrational fear of tweezers. Seriously. B and I once tried to get a tiny splinter out of his foot, he took one look at the tweezers and went nuts. I mean screaming crying freaked out nuts. I bet people having their limbs severed with no anesthesia aren't that hysterical. So anyway, back to yesterday. He took one look at the tweezers and started freaking. I quickly tossed them back into my bathroom, I was afraid that he would get so hysterical he would suck the crayon further back. So I calmed him, made him lay on the bed, then I pushed gently on the side of his nostril and out popped the piece of crayon. I wont go into a lot more detail but just wanted to say it was a good thing my boys' allergies are acting up.

Of course, after it was over with, all 3 of us just laughed and laughed. Greyson thought the whole thing was pretty hilarious. Maybe a little too much because he then tried to stick a Cheeto up his nose. After I had a long talk with the boys about why we don't stick anything, fingers included, up our noses I asked Nicholas why in the world he would stick a crayon up his nose. His response was "I didn't stick the whole thing up there, just the tip". So again "why did you stick it up there"? And he said "Well, the color was sky blue." Well, ok, that explains it.

PS. For those of you grossed out, that was actually not the same tip he had up his nose, but another one, which I am assuming he had on hand for the other nostril before his little project was derailed.

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