Sunday, October 24, 2010


That's what we call it when we rake some leaves into a bit pile at the end of our slide and slide into it.
Why must they always remove their shoes?

No he was not decapitated during the slide, he just made sure he "went under" as he kept saying.

Head first! It was so warm outside today, around 80 degrees I think so I am not sure why Greyson felt the need to wear jeans and long sleeves.
Adorable even after a leaf dive!

Yes, I stood out there the whole time and "reraked" the leaves for maximum "leaving". You can see a cowboy hat and a boogie board in the background. Sadly I did not have my camera handy when these were in use. The boogie board I can understand, but I am not real sure why Greyson felt the cowboy hat was necessary. He insisted on wearing it to go "leaving" but it kept falling off on the way down. And I am saying it correctly now, I tried calling it "leafing" but Nicholas said since there is not one leaf but many leaves, we must call it "leaving". Makes sense.
What a blast!


  1. So cute! And so much fun! We should set something like this up...we don't have as nice of a slide, but it's still a slide, and they're toddlers - they'd love it. Thanks for the idea!

  2. Such fall fun! What cuties. :)