Sunday, October 17, 2010

Soccer Playa's and their Soccer Mom

The boys are playing soccer, I think I have mentioned that a few times;) This is Nick's 4th year and Greyson's 2nd. Nick, bless his heart, due to his birthday falling at the end of July, is by far the youngest fella on his team. I have been told this is my fault for bullying my OB into inducing me on July 27th, instead of waiting until after the 31st, which is the cut off. So he is playing in the 8 and under group at just a couple of months past 6 years.

Greyson is playing in the Kickeroo group, his team is the Green Dragonflies. The Kickeroos are the 3 year group. Since he did not turn 4 until after the Aug 1st date, he is the oldest on his team. I know you are thinking "ok, so" but seriously this is really important in sports. The difference between Grey's coordination and athletic ability and that of his team mates is huge. It also doesn't hurt that he has been playing soccer with an older brother for over 2 years. He normally scores at least 3 goals per game and the past 3 games he has scored 4 in two of them and 5 in another. The only issue he has is that he has a bit of a temper. He is very polite usually but this Saturday there was a little kid on the other team, he was about 4 inches shorter than Greyson, but he was good. And he used his arms, he held them up like a scarecrow, you know bent at the elbow, and he most certainly used them to move the other kids, his teammates included, out of the way. G was not having any of that, he is used to being the star of the field, so he finally just bear hugged the guy from behind and moved him out of the way. No red card for that, however his coach was pretty adamant with him that he was not to man handle the other kids, no matter the provocation. It did provide quite a bit of laughter for the parents on our team, as we were a little tired of watching this other kid knocking our hero's around with his elbows.

Like I said before, Nicholas plays in the 8 and under group. He is one of the smallest on the team and seams to do a bit better on defense rather than offense, mainly because of his size. This is the first year that he is playing with traditional positions. I think his is halfback, but since I know relatively nothing about soccer, I am probably wrong. This week, however, he played more offense, in fact he played almost 3 full periods of offense. He was worn out afterwards but was right in the game most of the time. I say most of the time because for some reason he has this obsession with pulling grass when the ball is not in his particular area or there is a slight break when kicking the ball in. This necessitates the coach asking him where the ball is several times a game, lol. He really is a pretty good little player, especially on defense, but it is a bit hard for him to stay in the mix on offense due to is size. Still he gets an A for effort and I love watching him play and learn. My only fear is that one day he is going to want to try his hand at goalie. I have learned to take some deep breaths as a Mom of two boys, however I think I would have a hard time watching other kids kick balls at my son's head several times a game. Oh and Nick's team is the Green Gators. Yes, they have the same uniforms as Grey's team, however they are different numbers and Nick's team has their individual names on the back of their uniforms. Nick is #2 and Grey is #6. There aren't as many pics of Greyson playing because, well if you have ever watched a bunch of 3 & 4 year olds play, you know it is pretty much a wild melee around the ball and good clean shots of your kid are hard to come by. I took about 50 pics, but usually all I could pick up of Grey was an arm here, a leg there, part of his get the picture.

Looks like Nick is getting leg checked or maybe he is doing the checking, I dunno, sometimes it is hard to tell.

My boy runs like the wind. His shorts are huge!

Team Captain choosing "Heads" during the coin toss. And if you know Nicholas, you will not be surprised that he was up there asking the ref all kinds of questions including "what happens if you throw it in the air and it blows away"

Every time Greyson kicks the ball from the round circle during kick offs or whatever it is called he kicks it, goes right after it, then dribbles it all the way to the goal.

Grey Baby! Soccer Stud!

Greyson with his sweatpants underneath his uni. It was freezing that morning and he insisted on wearing them under his shorts and not over. Of course after the first period he wanted to take them off. I had to stop him from dropping trou right on the sidelines. Note for future reference, must work on modesty and the importance of keeping our pants on at all times in public.

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