Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sun, Fun, and Hay?

This week we had two field trips, same day, same time, different locations. So we split up, Nicholas and Bryant went on one and Greyson and I on the other. We all had a great time, well maybe not Bryant since he was surrounded by about 80 5 & 6 year olds. Just kidding, I think, he said he had a good time but after soccer practice I did catch him going through the liquor cabinet. Check out some of our pictures. Please excuse the quality of Nick's photo's, Bryant was using my point and shoot.
The buses. If you ask Nicholas what his favorite part of the field trip was, he will tell you riding on the buses. Bryant was supposed to follow along behind them, however thanks to some one's faulty GPS coordinates, he and several others ended up a bit lost. He did eventually find his way there as evidenced from the photo's he took.
Nicholas and his friends jumping on the "popcorn popper". That's Nick way up in the air, and the pretty blonde woman is Mrs. Braswell, his teacher and the love of his life.
Fake cow milking appears to be a lot of fun.
My pumpkin in the pumpkin patch.

A very serious game of Cornhole. This is Greyson and one of his class mates. And yes, there is seriously a game called Cornhole. I had never heard of it until the Fall Festival last month. Still am reminded of Beavis and Butthead and Cornholio every time someone mentions this game.
The world's smallest hay bale maze but enough for my little guy.
Getting ready to do some jumpin'. Actually, Greyson is yelling "Rock and Roll" which seems to be his "rebel yell" before he does anything. I have no idea where he got it but seriously it is the equivalent of "hey ya'll watch this sh*t". I have learned to cringe whenever he says it, cause nothing safe comes afterwards.

As evidenced from this picture. Actually this was not as hazardous as it appears. Now when he jumped completely off from about 4 feet in the air, that was a bit worrisome but this was relatively tame in the world of Greyson. But lotsa fun.

Yes, the sky really was that blue and it was about 76 degrees outside. I love Tennessee in the fall!
Note the tractors and trailers behind him. They were used for our hay ride.

Sun, fun and hay, it doesn't get any better than this.


  1. FYI Cornhole has been HUGE in Ohio for well over a decade but alot of people insist that it be call "Bag-o"...because, you know

  2. I think "bag o" sounds a bit better than corn hole. Why corn hole? Granted I am no farmer but I just dont get it.

  3. as my kids would say "the bag is filled with corn and you throw it in a hole...duh"