Saturday, October 16, 2010

Honey "Sucker"

Sorry once again for the long time without updates. What can I say except the one area I excel these days is procrastination?

Last week, I took the boys to Honeysuckle Hill Farm or as Greyson says "Honey Sucker Farms". We were joined by B's cousins and had a blast. It was kind of a redneck amusement park, complete with Corn Maze, Corn Pool, drainage pipe slides, Pig Races (yes, real live pigs), small farm petting zoo, and cow milking attractions. Of course, my guys loved it. Obviously the redneck tendencies come from his Dad's side of the family, who sadly was unable to go (but never fear, he gets a turn this week). Seriously fun though and the best iced apple cider I have ever tasted. Well, ok the only "iced" apple cider I have ever tasted but it was in the upper 80's and much too warm for hot apple cider. Here are a few pictures from the day. The other cute little blonde kid is Dylan, my boys' adorable cousin and one of their favorite playmates.

Also, I will be updating in the next day or two with pics and soccer info. The boys are loving soccer this year and finally, after 6 games I remembered to bring a camera.

On tap for this week, hanging out with the family at the boys' Great Grandmother's house. So much fun with all the cousins. Round up Rally or something like that in the preschool at church. Grey is thrilled to get to wear cowboy gear to church (although he cant quite understand why he is not aloud to take his cap guns, and thanks once again Heather for that purchase,haha). Nick is not too happy about having to wear just "plain old church clothes". Well he was until I explained that only the preschoolers were doing that and his comment was "oh, a bunch of babies and little guys, nevermind." Sorry Nick, we cant all be so mature as you. Lots of school and soccer stuff. And this is kinda funny, but both boys have their first field trip on Thursday. To different places. So B is taking the day off to go with Nick's class to "Honey Sucker" farms while I go with Greyson's class to The Pumpkin Place. B will be going about 45 miles west of Gallatin and I will be going about 30 miles east. Talk about spreading us thin. We then get to come back and suit up for soccer practice. Pictures of the Pumpkin Place will surface on here some time next weekend.

Ok, verbose as usual. But enjoy the pics.

Best Buddies on the way in.

Drainage Pipe thing slide. Seriously fun for guys.

Hay Bale Maze. This was perfect for little ones.

Waiting for the HillBilly Pig Races. I am not poking fun of "Hillbillys" I swear, they called them that, not me.

Cow milking was pretty fascinating. Thank God it was a wooden cow since Nick really needs to work on his technique. I am pretty sure milking a cow from the back end is not the ideal way to do it.

Waiting for the pumpkin cannon (yes you read correctly) to shoot tiny unsuspecting pumpkins about 300 yards to their death. Does it get anymore redneck than that. Ok, well maybe the pig races and the pool thing filled with corn and the...ok, enough, they were all equally red.

The boys really seemed to like the pumpkin blasting.

Awwww, too tiny (and sleepy) baby goats, or kids or whatever they are called. Amy and I thought they were precious, the boys spared about 30 seconds on them. I am proud to say that my boys were not overly impressed with small farm animals. The agriculture community is safe for now.

No words.

My cool rustic guy. Ain't he da bomb? And no that is not a silly band on his wrist, B.

Rustling some plastic cattle. Took me a while to convince him that live cattle are not so easy to rope. Or at least I dont think they are.

Corn Stalking, hah! This was in the kiddy maze, we decided not to try the large corn maze as it would take a normal group of people, without curious little guys with short attention spans, an hour to get through it.

This just cracks me up. He reminds me of one of those little capuchin monkeys

Pics from the corn pool.

Swimming in a sea, or rather a pool, of corn. When we got home,
they had enough in their pockets and underwear to pop an entire bowl full. Not that we did, that would be gross, right? I'm just saying.

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