Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Monsters on Fall Break?

I know I said I was going to do a bit more blogging but heck, I just cannot get my sh*t together enough to actually do o it. I do, however, have good intentions but some kind person reminded me where a paved road of good intentions leads. Thanks.

More updates on the boys. Both boys are in school and loving it. Nicholas goes every day, from 8:00-1:30. Greyson goes Tues/Thurs from 9:00-2:30. I dont mind the 2 days a week school, it gives me time to get some things done (things that obviously do not include blogging). But this every day school business, well it just sucks. I hate it. I hate missing my boy so much. I hate that on Mon, Wed, and Friday, Grey and I spend half the day watching the clock in anticipation of Nicholas getting out of school. And it is not that I dont enjoy my alone time with my snuggly guy, I do, but we both miss Nick and our days is so much brighter when we pick him up. Grey has even made up a song that we sing about going to pick up Nick from school. We just miss him.

So that is why we are thrilled with fall break. While other parents are talking about how long it lasts (Nick is out of school from Sept 22-Oct 11), I am as happy as a clam. I get to have both my boys home all day long every day. Yesterday, we woke up a bit late, didn't go anywhere, just stayed at home and played all day. It was the perfect day and I thanked God at least 30 times last night for that.

Today, Greyson went to school (its his last day before Fall Break and he goes back Oct 12) and Nick and I made a quick trip to Michael's to buy some Halloween stuff to paint. Then we rushed back home so he could paint a little bit before we have to pick up G baby.

Scary, yet colorful Frankenstein

I wish you could see his little face behind the mask, he is smiling from ear to ear, is my not so scary fella. Please note the different shades of green, Nicholas refused to use the green paint from the Crayola jar and made his own, different shades of green.

Nick's take on Halloween starts with his liberal use of color. Two colors work so well, why not use 10?

Oops, gotta run. Nick's Zorro costume arrived in the mail and we have to try it out. Greyson is going to be Harry Potter. Nick wore that last year but I cant talk Greyson into choosing anything else so I am happy to save a few $$.

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  1. I know what you mean- I am one of those people who always intends to do something, but have nothing to show for it! I am trying to work on that part in my life and focus my attention on things that matter. Your boys are so cute!