Sunday, September 5, 2010

He's My Grey Baby

Excuse me if I get a little mushy or nostalgic but I have a serious issue with Greyson, my baby, being 4 years old. His birthday was in August and he was so excited to be a big boy of 4 years. Me? Not so much. Not sure why, but since he was born we gave him the nickname of Grey Baby. Now all who love him call him that, even though the baby fat and the squishy chunks of baby feet have gone away, to be replaced by a slim preschooler with stinky boy feet. I love those stinky boy feet. While exciting to watch him grow, it is hard to accept that he is no longer a Grey "baby".

Of course I remember the day he was born, and I remember the first time I saw those big ol' dimples. I was so enamored of him, so overcome by that sweet little guy, I didn't even notice his dimples at first. But the nurse did and pointed them out. They say it takes weeks for babies to smile and then it may only be gas, but not Grey Baby. He was smiling seconds after he was born. A big beautiful smile with those adorable dimples flashing. My happy little guy, he still smiles all the time and it melts me heart. Every morning, when he wakes up and yells from him bed "Mommy, Mommy" as loud as he possibly can. He doesn't just get up and out of bed and come looking for me. Not my little guy. He wants me to come to his room, flip on the light and say "Good morning sunshine". And he has this huge dimpled grin for me. Its right there, the minute I open the door. I always give him a big tight hug and he says "I love you Mommy. You're my favorite Mommy in the whole world". Well, I love you and those precious dimples, you're my favorite Grey Baby in the whole world.

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