Thursday, October 28, 2010


We are falling in love with fall. I adore this time of year and so do my little guys. We have spent the last couple of weeks enjoying typical falls activities, and lots of 'em.
From hay rides to hay bale jumping, from pumpkin carving to baking pumpkin muffins, from decorating the house to decorating a spooky gingerbread house (that collapsed soon after it was complete thanks to impatient little fellas who absolutely could not wait 10 more minutes for the icing to dry), we have done it all.
And there is more to come. We are looking forward to this weekend and bonfires, hay rides, wienie roasts, fall festivals, Halloween parties, soccer and more soccer, church and trick or treating.

A jammed pack weekend of fun, fun and more fun. I should have lots of pictures to post next week, provided I survive this weekend.

Happy Halloween!

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