Thursday, April 1, 2010

Naked Jumping and Nice Weather

Another beautiful day! We are going to get spoiled with all this warm weather. The boys have been enjoying themselves so much outside, we are now only going in to sleep and eat, although we usually have our lunches outside.

Last night, after dinner (and after our food digested a bit) the boys went back outside and jumped a bit more. I was cleaning up the kitchen and B was preparing the boys bath. We put the bounce house in our locked, fenced back yard, so I felt ok with the boys out there by themselves. Especially since I had the windows open and I could hear them and see them if I needed to. Anyway, I could hear them laughing and giggling while they jumped. They were having a blast! Way more fun than earlier in the day. So I was not completely surprised when I went out there to get them for their bath, to discover that G was completely naked...jumping away. Thank goodness the bounce house was in the back yard and no one could see, not that he cared, lol. We had to walk around the yard picking up his clothing. So apparently he not only stripped, but was rather exuberant about it.

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