Monday, April 26, 2010


G loves Spiderman. I mean really really loves Spiderman. He wants to be Spiderman, not when he grows up, but now. We were at N's T-Ball game and G said "Look, I'm Spiderman" and started climbing the tall chain link fence behind home plate. Luckily Bryant and I were there to pull him down just before he climbed out of arms reach. He is a fast climber, really really fast. Still, I don't think he is Spiderman.

He wants anything he sees that has Spiderman on it. He is Marvel comics marketing dream. So much for all our Pottery Barn train sheets for his bed, he now has Target bought Spiderman sheets. They are cool, I will admit.

If we are in a store, he can spot Spiderman stuff a mile away. Last week, we were at Target and from over 100 yards away, G yelled out "Cool. Spiderman swim trunks". He then yelled "Spiderman swim trunks. I 'mead' them."

Later that evening, it was only 50 something degrees but G had on a new pair of swim trunks and a green turtleneck. His choice, of course, as he likes to get dressed "all by myself". So he did. Which is a nice variation from his usual play attire of Spiderman costume.

The kid.loves.spiderman.Loves.

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