Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter SUN day

For the first time in as long as I can remember, we had beautiful weather on Easter. Sunny and in the mid 80's instead of rainy in the low 50's. We most definitely took advantage of it.

The morning was not so great, long story that I don't feel like posting about it. Short version is: got the boys ready for church, then got myself ready. Came out of my bedroom to discover G had opened his roller stamp and rolled his clothes, his arms, and his brother with it. So B and I had to wash them, iron new clothes (so much for the cute Easter outfits they had on for 20 minutes) and redress them. Needless to say, we were really late to church and could not find a seat.

So on to the afternoon. Went to B's grandmother's house for a late lunch and afternoon of sun, fun and Easter eggs. The boys had a great time hunting for eggs, taking turns at bustin' a poor chick pinata, and playing with all their cousins. They did some fishing, well B did some fishing while the boys threw rocks in the water and scared off the fish. Rode around the big yard in a golf cart and on a little F150 ride on toy. Tried to skip rocks in the lake. Must apologize to B's cousin Duane as G managed to skip a rock off of his forehead and leave a pretty nasty mark. And the poor guy was just being kind enough to supervise my kids, along with his son, near the lake. (note to self: must work on G's aim before he starts T Ball).

The kids also hunted for Resurrection Eggs that my sweet niece Heather made and brought. If you have never heard of them, google it, they are a wonderful way to bring Christ into the whole "bunny and egg" part of Easter.

All in all, despite the rather dubious start, a simply fantastic day. And less you think I am a complete heathen, we did spend a good part of our weekend talking to the boys about the meaning of Easter and how both Good Friday and Easter Sunday are the two most important days in the life of a Christian. Thank you Lord, for sacrificing your son for me and my sons and thanks be to Jesus for giving your life so ours would be eternal.

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