Saturday, April 3, 2010

Brothers and Opposites

My boys love each other. They play well together, well 95% of the time. But they are polar opposites in so many ways.

They both like Popsicles and eat them like they are racing. They both end up completely sticky with them. However, when the Popsicles are done, N has to run inside and wash his fave and hands. He gets really pissed if the color does not come off his face. G on the other hand, well he just wears his stickiness as long as I will let him.
If it is wet outside, N ends up with mud on his shoes an inch thick but he doesn't care. G hates mud on his shoes, so he just takes them off and goes barefoot. Apparently muddy feet are preferable to muddy shoes.

When N gets dressed in the morning, he doesn't care what I pick out for him to wear, so long as it is not "babyish" (sadly, Janie and Jack is not an option with him now, sigh). He wears them until I make him change, clean or dirty. G on the other hand, ugh, he will change clothes no less than 5 times a day and each time, wants to pick his own. I have learned to lay out 3-4 shirts and pants/shorts and just let him choose from them, otherwise he will make quite the fashion statement. Same with shoes, G will try on 3 pairs before he decides on which ones to wear. And if it were completely up to him, it would be cowboy boots. Not an option as they were bought strictly for Halloween (he was Woody from A Toy Story) and the quality, or lack of, would rub blisters after too much wear.

If N had a choice, he would stay in his PJ's all day. G gets out of bed every morning and is changing clothes before he gets to his door.

N loves to eat fruit, that is his food of choice. G will choose some kind of bread product every time.

N loves mysteries, I SPY books are a favorite as is Scooby Doo DVD's. G is all about the Super Hero's, Spiderman in particular.
N likes to play with his Playmobil castles and pirate ships. G does to, only he likes use the pirate ship to knock down the castle.

Sometimes N just likes to play by himself outside. G will not stay outside without N there with him.

When asked about school, N first likes to talk about playing outside or in the gym. G likes to talk about playing with his friends Walker, Austin, Grace, and Carson.

They really look nothing alike. N is very small, just below average in height and slim, with long legs and short torso. G is well above average in height, short sturdy legs, long torso and thick in the middle (not chunky just very solid).

N is hyper active, always moving, but rarely displays any temper. G is laid back, does whatever he feels like at his own pace but has a quick temper. N is more likely to cry when upset whereas G lashes out.
But with all these differences, they fit just perfect together. They love each other unconditionally and are each others best friend. I know that will change as their world's expand, there differences will be more obvious, they wont always be so affectionate to each other and they will have other best friends. But my hope is that one day, when they are grown and have families of their own and when asked who their best friend is, they will each reply "my brother".

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