Sunday, April 18, 2010

T Ball and the Bad News Bears

Our first Saturday spent adjusting our schedule around T-Ball. I know it is the first of many many more to come and it was fun.

I was a little miffed at first though. All we were told last week was that the Opening Ceremonies (American Legion T Ball League) were at 11:00 and Jamboree was at 1:00. We got there right at 11:00. B was late getting the boys back from their cousins' house where N had his sleep over. N did not have a uniform yet and when they got there, his team was already suited up and out on the field. Turns out the coach called and left a message for us to be there early on someone else's answering machine, since he said he called and we do not have a record on any of our phones of him calling. So N almost missed his opening ceremony but thankfully, we got there in the nick of time and B pushed their way out on the field, then had one of the coaches go get the uniform shirt and hat for N.

They moved the time of the Jamboree up to 12:30 so not too long a wait at the park, just enough time to grab the boys some lunch and scarf it down. Jamboree is just where all the players get to play and show the other teams what they got, lol. Basically each team plays an inning against another team. All players get to play out in the field (N will play 2nd base and bat 3rd during real games, at least I think) and the inning does not have outs, it lasts until everyone gets to bat. N did well, hit the ball into right field. Well, ok he hit it between the first and second baseman and it rolled into the outfield but he hit it further than anyone else on his team. He was able to score a few hits later. This was very exciting for him, he loves to stomp on home plate.

G did really well sitting in the bleachers, that is until the game was over with. Then he escaped us and ran onto the field. He would not come off, running the bases and avoiding us ala Tanner in Bad News Bears. I think I will start calling him Bad News Grey, lol. He did eventually come off the field after we threatened to leave him. What a stinker and of course we looked like candidates for Parents of the Year, lol.

All in all, a very fun day and a great evening including a celebratory dinner at The Chop House.

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