Monday, April 12, 2010

No Light Up Shoes in a Crowded Theater

It's Spring Break here! Wondering what to do to get out of the house.

We have a birthday party Wednesday and another one Friday evening. The boys' cousins will be staying here some this week, spending the night one night and hanging out during the day 3-4 days. N & G are very excited about it, they love their cousins. Honestly, I am excited about it too, I love their cousins as well and they are such good, fun kids. I think maybe we will try bowling tomorrow. It is B's birthday (not going to say how old) and although I dont think that is what he has in mind for celebrating, it will be fun. Also going to do some ice cream cake.

Maybe see a movie, How To Train Your Dragon is playing and the boys have seen the previews. Looks like fun, I just hope G can sit through it. The last movie we attempted, he only made it 10 minutes before we had to leave. That was Monsters vs Aliens, which proves how long we have avoided taking him to another movie.

Also, FYI, and this is from another trip with just N and I, dont put light up shoes on your kids if you plan on taking them to a movie. At one point during Where the Wild Things Are, about 20 kids were either leaning way forward or way back so they could see them instead of watching the movie. I am sure the other parents were appreciative.

So I guess we do have quite a bit planned. I'll write more later in the week about N's first sleepover this coming weekend. I am both nervous and excited about it and a bit sad too, that he is old enough to be invited to sleep overs.

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