Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring has sprung and the Monkeys are jumping

Spring is here! Finally some warm weather. We are all so very excited, it has been one long, cold winter. The boys have been playing outside for the past two days, but today they could actually wear shorts. And we brought the bounce house outside for some jumping fun. Santa brought it for the boys for Christmas and we have been putting it up once every few weeks since the garage. The thing is huge and unless I moved all my furniture out of the dining room or living room, there was not a room big enough with tall enough ceilings to hold it. Bummer because we had to turn the heat on in the garage and it took quite some time for it to warm up enough to be out there without shoes.

So everyone here is happy and healthy, well except for the small fight inside the bounce housewhere G bit N on the chest. It was apparently pretty painful, it left a big mark, broke the skin a bit and N laid down and kept an ice pack on it for almost an hour. Normally N is not still for more than 5 minutes during the day. Sigh, I thought we had outgrown the biting stage. Yet another "good behavior" to add to our chart.

I'll have to post about the chart some other time. We used them when N was 3 yrs old and it worked great and hoefully will be as effective with G's desired behaviors. So far he is working on listening, no throwing (he gets mad and throws anything he can at N), picking up toys, keeping our shoes on at school and in the car, and no bad words (G likes to toss in a "stupid headed" every now and then).

Ok, back out to the nice warm weather.

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