Sunday, March 28, 2010

T Ball Practice

Just a few pics from Nick"s t-ball practice yesterday.

Nick is the one in the gray/black shirt and black baseball pants.

He tried out two positions, left field and shortstop yesterday. Not sure it really mattered, he was running in front of the pitcher to get the ball most of the time anyway.

He did hit the ball really well, especially for a little guy, probably hit it further than anyone.

However his running was slowed down because the batting helmet was about 6 sizes too big. It had to have been huge for it to be so large on his big ol' noggin. But he did love running those bases. In fact, he loved running them so much that he just did not stop until he realized there was someone on his team already on that base, then he ran back. Good thing he likes to run.

Greyson was not overly impressed with what was going on at practice. He was also fairly pissed that he was not playing.

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