Thursday, July 1, 2010

Superheros to the Rescue (a pictoral)

It's a lovely day here. All is well. Just a couple of guys playing in their fort early in the morning.

It's a steep climb but nothing too big for Superheros and their action figures.
We made it to the top of Fort Gothamtropolis.
Hey, Batman, don't play too close to the edge, it could be dangerous.
Uh oh.
Whew. Saved by the ledge. And look, he found Woody hanging out down there.
We're running out of time, we need a plan. Hold on Batman and Woody, we'll save you.
Super Hero Nick to the rescue.
Along with his trusty sidekick, Grey (the Derek Zoolander Blue Steel look)
I'm on my way down.
Got him! You're my hero Nick.
On my way back up. But wait...Oh no, Superman got a little too close to the edge and is faaaaaaaaalllllliiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnng.
I've got him too. This Superhero stuff is hard work.
No, stop. You need some help from your trusty sidekick.

Here I come, look out below.

Heading back up now. Follow me.
One handed climbing. Do not try this at home, it is only for Superheros.
Poor Superman, it looks like he might have lost a bit of on the way down.
Back to the summit of Mount Gothamtropolis. Safe and sound and...

contemplating doing it again. A Superhero's work is never done.

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