Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Six Years

I cannot believe it has been six years since we welcomed my sweet boy into this world. Six years of love and fun and precious memories.
We went from this

to this

in six short years. People have tried to tell me many times that it goes by too fast. Of course, those words meant nothing to me. But they were true, it does go by too fast. I went from holding you in my arms for the first time, to taking you to school tomorrow (yes, first day of elementary school) in the blink of an eye. And while I have loved every single minute of it (ok, not including the few weeks of colic, that wasn't so lovely), I wish those minutes could have lasted a little longer.

I was going to write something mushy about how much I love you, Nicholas, but I cant put it in to words, I just don't have the talent to express an emotion so pure, so true and so strong. I just want you to know... just know.

Your are so smart, so quick witted and such a thinker. Your favorite thing to say right now is "that's hilarious". You love to eat Hawaiian pizza and Cap'n Crunch. You are a great big brother, so patient and so kind. You have your Daddy's attitude, your Mommy's smile and your Poppy's eyes. You love to play sports, all sports. You have beat your Mommy at bowling, both on Wii (I don't even stand a chance) and in "real bowling", as you like to say. You are quite the little golfer and have recently discovered a love of tennis (I am loving this). You can really "jack" a t-ball and are one cool soccer player. You love to build...anything. And your imagination...well...words cannot adequately describe how incredible it is. You are, to use overused but appropriate phrase, quite simply amazing.

Happy Birthday, dear big boy. I love you to the moon and back and then some more.

Your very proud Mommy.

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