Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fun on the 4th

We had so much fun this past 4th of July weekend. It started Friday night, we went to the club and spread a blanket on one of the fairways (have no idea what #, that is B's area), enjoyed a nice cooling breeze coming in off of the lake and we watched an amazing show of fireworks. The boys were equally fascinated with all the boats on the lake (they were so many there to watch the fireworks). We watched more Saturday, on the same blanket at a park. The city put this display on and Mimi joined us.

On Sunday, B and the boys decided to buy their own fireworks so they bought some sparklers and a few odd things. Grey had a tank that had sparklers on the front and rolled when you lit them. Well, it was supposed to roll anyway. Nicholas had an airplane full of firecrackers that went straight into the air when lit. This one worked a bit better than the tank. Then both boys had these weird chicken things. B lit the fuse in the chickens mouth, it made a whistling sound and then blew a balloon up out of its rear end. Odd to say the least. I will include a picture 'cause really words are not capable of describing it.

Asking Daddy about 560 questions on how fireworks work.

The chicken Before

Come on Daddy, why is it taking so long.

And the chicken After. There is just something wrong with a chicken that blows stuff out of its a$$, unless it is an egg. And still I don't want to actually witness it.

However, for the not so discerning, it was a ton of fun!

On Sunday afternoon we went over to the boys' great grandmother's house. There was a rumor that there was supposed to be a waterslide there but sadly, we were unable to get it there. So I got to play hero and packed up the boys' waterslide (and I am proud that I remembered the blower) and brought it down there. Huge hit, the boys and their cousins were on it most of the afternoon.

And there was a whole lot of eating going on.

All kinds of great food, like Ribs, BBQ, Corn on the cob, burgers, Cornish hens and all kinds of great homemade side items. Yet my kids ate corn dogs from a box. Go figure.

And ice cream.

Lots of ice cream (please no pics when I am trying to eat)

And it was good enough to put a smile on our face!

For a long time.

Greyson and his cousin, who is just a few months older, were big buddies, as usual.

They went everywhere together. Don't worry, they didn't actually drive those cars.

But they did drive this one.

A lot.
Even through the yard. At night.

But this was before the "grand finale" as Nicholas has said about 7000 times in the past few days. The "grand finale" was Daddy and cousin Tim shooting some really great fireworks down by the lake while we watched from a safe distance away. Thank you Papa for buying such terrific fireworks!

And before the night was over, we had some cuddle time with our GreatAunt and cousins.

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  1. Sounds like you had a great 4th. Both boys are getting so big and are so very handsome!!