Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Who needs ya...

cute little blue backpack. Not us. Not Greyson.

We're glad to see you go, or rather not go, anywhere with us. Cause we don't need what is lurking inside...

Nope, we don't need this...

or this. long. See you never!!!!!!

Rest assured, no backpacks were hurt during this ceremony.
Sorry to keep posting about this but we are so darned excited around here. It's been almost 3 long years of constant worry. I know there are many people who spend their whole life with this worry and God Bless them, it must be a tough road. But one we no longer have to travel and I am thankful, extremely thankful. I don't think I can adequately explain how happy I am that I can send my sweet boy to school without worry that someone in his class didn't properly wash his hands or a parent might have accidentally included an item that was processed in a facility with peanuts. I used to belong to a Mommy website and one of the mothers made a hurtful comment to me. She said "if you were really that concerned about him dying then why would you send him away to school". It was hurtful on many levels, and I soon realized that this person had a lot more issues than my parenting skills. However I still felt this incredible guilt about letting him attend school two days a week when he had a life threatening allergy. I wanted things to be as normal as possible, after all this was not a debilitating illness. Not really. Just an over reaction of his immune system. Yet it was still life threatening and there was still the constant worry. Well, at least that is one guilt and worry I can wave farewell too, now on to the many more, lol.


  1. Awesome V!!!! I am so very very happy for you that you no longer have to have this worry hanging over your heads! This is just such awesome news! Not sure where I have been that I missed it....but I am so excited for you!

  2. Ok I feel like a shmuck. I didn't realize his allergy was to the point you had to carry an epi pen. Where have I been? In my own little world I guess. I'm so glad that's all behind you now.


  3. Yes, Liz, you are a shmuck but not because of this, lol. Seriously, though, it is great to have it behind us. His allergy was indeed life threatening, no mere runny nose type allergy. But now I feel so liberated, for myself and for him, to be able to go to a restaurant, like we did tonight, and not have to send a card back to the chef or worry that someone didn't wash their hands properly after handling nuts (ok, I still worry about that but for entirely different reasons, eeewwww). One of the best things about this, besides not worrying about him dying of course, is that he can now sit at a normal table at lunch when he starts school. It had really been bugging me, and making me so very sad, that because his elementary school (he still has another year before he starts) is not peanut free, kids with peanut/tree nut allergies had to sit at a special table. I hated the thought of him sitting at lunch with kids he did not know and watching his friends all have lunch together. For some reason, that bothered me as much as anything.

    Anyway, thanks for the post, shmuck! And please, more pics of your beautiful kids on your blog please!