Monday, July 19, 2010

Just some weekend fun

We went to the Smith family reunion on Sunday. For those of you not related to Bryant, I am sure you are going "huh?" Bryant's grandmother is a Smith. And every year they have a reunion at Cumberland Mountain State Park in East Tennessee. It's a great park with lots to do. Long and short hiking trails, tennis, basketball, volleyball, horseshoes (although I never saw the horseshoe pits I am told they have nice ones, lol), a lake where you can fish, feed the ducks, or rent paddle boats and canoes, and numerous playgrounds, some new, some old. The have a lot of cabins that you cant rent, some big, some small. The food was great and plentiful. And we are so happy that we had the opportunity to meet so many distant cousins. What a great family. I sadly didn't get many pics from the event because I hurt my foot and left Bryant in charge of the camera. I think I am lucky to get any photos, so am not going to complain, sigh.

The boys loved playing tennis. Nicholas is bugging me already to take him to play this week. A boy after my own heart. And speaking of hearts, bless Uncle Jimmy's, he must have the patience of a saint, he played tennis with those boys half the afternoon.
This has nothing to do with the reunion, but wouldn't you love to have that skin? My Mom says mine used to be like that and I vaguely remember getting that tan before I found out it caused (horror!!!!) wrinkles. If only it was still like that, sigh.

Sweaty boy!

The next couple of pics are of the boys playing Doctor. Poor Mimi, she always has to be the patient. Poor me, because she was hanging up the laundry before they admitted her to their hospital.

Not sure if I want him performing surgery on me, but he sure is cute. And here's a picture of the entire medical staff.

"Doctor" "Doctor"

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