Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Soaking up the sun and other things

Sorry so long on the update. The boys have not been exactly cooperative about letting me take photos of them when they are busy playing. If they even see me with the camera, they either complain or hide their faces. Soooo.... I respect their wishes for the moment anyway, and put it away. I got the camera out this afternoon and heard "Oh no, not again." But I bribed them with some watermelon and cantaloupe, and they graciously let me snap a few photos. Uh, thanks guys.

Also, we took both boys to see Toy Story 3 the Saturday after it came out. They loved it. This was the first movie that Greyson was either willing or able to sit through until the end. But my goodness, it is so expensive for all 4 of us to go. Between the movie, the refreshments, a late lunch at Brixx Pizza, we spent about $100. That just blows my mind. Not going to complain though, it has been one of the very few times over the last few weeks that we have been able to do something as a family, just the four of us.
I'll try to post some more photos and fun things after Independence Day. We have a very busy weekend planned. Friday night is the fireworks display at our club. Saturday we are going to the Hendersonville Freedom Festival at Drakes Creek Park. We missed it last year, so not sure what it is all about but I think they have a lot of family activities set up during the day, then fireworks at night. Then on the 4th, after church, we are spending the day at the boys' Great grandmother's house with a different waterslide/bounce house and lotsa family. Finally, that night we will wind everything down with watching Gallatin's city fireworks (which are very good by the way) from our neighborhood. We are fortunate enough to live close to where they will be setting them off so we only have to walk out the door a bit to see them. And hopefully, the boys will get plenty of rest later that night. I think I will need it (plus a glass of wine or two over the course of the 3 days).
Hope everyone has a great, and safe, 4th!

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