Thursday, June 17, 2010

Trophy Kid

Nicholas received his first T Ball trophy at the American Legion's T Ball and Coach Pitch Baseball closing ceremony this week. To say he was excited is clearly an understatement.

He was so proud to add this to his growing trophy and medal collection. Now he has 2 soccer trophies, a soccer medal, a golf medal and this newest addition. He just loves them and so far, in the past two days since he received his trophy, he has asked me to come to his room no less than 5 times to "check out" his trophies on his chest of drawers.

Coach Andy giving Nicholas his trophy.
Nicholas and his friend and teammate Druanna. He calls her his "T Ball girlfriend" cause apparently he has girlfriends everywhere, sigh.

The proud trophy holder once again needing a haircut. This was remedied today after his Dad took him to a barber shop. I have not seen the haircut yet but I can only imagine it looks like he got it at a barber shop. At least he will be able to see without tilting his head back.

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