Friday, November 26, 2010

Turkey for the Turkeys

Had a great Thanksgiving. We spent the better part of the day over at B's grandmother's house. Lots of family and lots of fun. The boys were very excited about this holiday, as they are any holiday. Nicholas kept asking what time was the "feast". And he was happy to correct anyone who mistakenly called it "dinner".

They boys spent the night at their "Cranmama's" house with some of their cousins so Bryant and I had a nice evening at home watching Christmas Vacation. Well, I did, B just humors me by watching it. But I cant start off the holiday season without watching the Griswalds.

Christmas decorating is almost complete. Outside lights-check, tree up-check, house decorated-check. Well, almost, I need to cut some limbs off of my magnolia tree. I love using real magnolia leaves with my mantle garland and on top of the buffets.

The tree looks great, my two little decorators out did themselves. Although I did have to go back a bit later and move some ornaments around. Not because I was worried about how they looked but seriously, I don't think it is entirely safe to have 6 glass ornaments on one small branch.

Finding it really hard to believe that my one of my hibiscus trees is blooming on Thanksgiving but there it is.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

"First Halloween, then Thanksgiving, and after that is..."

The boys are so excited now that the holiday season is upon us. The other day, Greyson said "first there was Halloween, and then we get to have Thanksgiving and after that is Christmas. Yiiiiipppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeee". He was literally jumping up and down. Right until he stopped to ponder it for a bit more, then he asked "do we get presents for Thanksgiving?" I spent a few minutes talking about why we celebrate Thanksgiving, which he has heard several times before. After I finished he asked if we got to eat candy on Thanksgiving, I said "no, we eat turkey and dressing" and he said "awwwwwww, man". Clearly disappointing to a certain 4 year old.

Nicholas only goes to school 2 days this coming week and Greyson just 1 day, so we are looking for things to do to keep little hands and minds occupied. I bought a bunch of crafts from Michaels and Hobby Lobby, so we will do some of those but I really want to spread those out. What do you think? Should I take 2 boys bowling all by myself? I am thinking "no way".

On a very exciting note, this is huge news! I have pretty much finished my Christmas shopping. Yes, a real Christmas miracle. Generally I am rushing around the week before Christmas trying to find one particular thing. I have even bought for my family in Texas already. On this, I usually wait until the last possible minute, miss the shipping deadline and end up having to pay proirity prices to get them there before Christmas day. Very sad. They are actually all ready to go, boxed up and waiting to be mailed. Which I will do next Saturday. The only thing left to buy is one long sleeve Iron Man tee shirt, which I will have to find on ebay since none of the stores have any left. This is for Greyson, who is nuts about Super Heroes. And any last minute items that the boys add to their lists and just "have to" have.

This picture is so typical of their personalities. Nicholas is looking around, so very curious about everything around him. Greyson is behind his back, curious as well but in trying to figure out what to get into and if he can get away with it.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Kidz Zone

Kidz Zone is an after school program at Nick's school. It is something similar to a daycare in that it opens early in the morning before school, I think around 6:00 and it is open after school until 6:00 pm. Anyway a lot of the Kinder kids go there that have older siblings. The Kindergarten class gets out an hour and a half before the other kids, so rather than wait in car line (there are no buses at this school) twice, a lot of parents send their Kinder kids to Kidz Zone until the older kids get out. Makes sense. I will do that next year with Greyson. It is really neat, they get a snack and story, then play in centers until the older kids are released. When the older kids are released they get a snack while the Kindergarteners go to either centers or gym. They also hava a homework club.

So Nick has been bugging me to either go to Kidz Zone or to a daycare after school. I try to explain to him that he is fortunate that he has a Mom that is able to be home with him, but he is not buying it. I remind him that in order for him to go to day care or KZ, I would have to get a job and would not be home as often. He didn't really care, sigh. And apparently this is a hot top in the Kinder circle. I spend a lot, I mean a lot, of time at Nick's school, helping in the library, with PTO things and pretty much anything in general where they need parent volunteer's. So one of the many days I was at Nick's school but unable to have lunch with him, I went to the cafeteria to give him a smooch before he went back to class. He was in line, waiting to leave and as I walked up one of his little buddy's cornered me and said "hey when are you going to get a job so Nick can go to Kidz Zone?" Nice.

Anyway, I finally decided I can trust them enough with my child's care for an hour and a half. So this past Tuesday, he went to KidzZone for the first time. He loved it. Loved. Seriously loved. When I picked him up, he gaved me a huge hug, he was so happy. Oh not to see me, but that he got to go to KZ. He hugged me even tighter and said...

"Can you leave and come back later?"


Friday, November 12, 2010

Completely Random

No new pics to upload, well at least none that do not include goofy faces and the backs of heads, sigh. No news other than the boys are growing like weeds and loving fall.

Did want to share a random thought or two of Nick's. I would love to have some insight as to how his little brain works. He is so random. I cant recall most of what he says these days but one thing that just sticks in my mind was after he got out of the shower the other night. He was drying off and came out of the bathroom and said "Mom, I don't think I am going to marry Elle after all". This is a little girl at school that used to sit by him that he had a crush on. I don't think she returned the crush. I said "Ok, Nicholas, that is fine with me but what made you decide that" and by the way I had no idea he was pondering matrimony. And he said "Well, I think that after we get married she wont let me drink wine." My response "Hmmm, you may be right but is that important to you?" and his said "No, but just in case". Well ok.

He comes up with these jewels, and Greyson does some times too but I think he is a bit more practical in this thought process (like "hmmmmm, mommy is busy brushing her hair, I will now go steal a brownie"). If I can think of more, I will post them.