Sunday, November 21, 2010

"First Halloween, then Thanksgiving, and after that is..."

The boys are so excited now that the holiday season is upon us. The other day, Greyson said "first there was Halloween, and then we get to have Thanksgiving and after that is Christmas. Yiiiiipppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeee". He was literally jumping up and down. Right until he stopped to ponder it for a bit more, then he asked "do we get presents for Thanksgiving?" I spent a few minutes talking about why we celebrate Thanksgiving, which he has heard several times before. After I finished he asked if we got to eat candy on Thanksgiving, I said "no, we eat turkey and dressing" and he said "awwwwwww, man". Clearly disappointing to a certain 4 year old.

Nicholas only goes to school 2 days this coming week and Greyson just 1 day, so we are looking for things to do to keep little hands and minds occupied. I bought a bunch of crafts from Michaels and Hobby Lobby, so we will do some of those but I really want to spread those out. What do you think? Should I take 2 boys bowling all by myself? I am thinking "no way".

On a very exciting note, this is huge news! I have pretty much finished my Christmas shopping. Yes, a real Christmas miracle. Generally I am rushing around the week before Christmas trying to find one particular thing. I have even bought for my family in Texas already. On this, I usually wait until the last possible minute, miss the shipping deadline and end up having to pay proirity prices to get them there before Christmas day. Very sad. They are actually all ready to go, boxed up and waiting to be mailed. Which I will do next Saturday. The only thing left to buy is one long sleeve Iron Man tee shirt, which I will have to find on ebay since none of the stores have any left. This is for Greyson, who is nuts about Super Heroes. And any last minute items that the boys add to their lists and just "have to" have.

This picture is so typical of their personalities. Nicholas is looking around, so very curious about everything around him. Greyson is behind his back, curious as well but in trying to figure out what to get into and if he can get away with it.

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