Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Kidz Zone

Kidz Zone is an after school program at Nick's school. It is something similar to a daycare in that it opens early in the morning before school, I think around 6:00 and it is open after school until 6:00 pm. Anyway a lot of the Kinder kids go there that have older siblings. The Kindergarten class gets out an hour and a half before the other kids, so rather than wait in car line (there are no buses at this school) twice, a lot of parents send their Kinder kids to Kidz Zone until the older kids get out. Makes sense. I will do that next year with Greyson. It is really neat, they get a snack and story, then play in centers until the older kids are released. When the older kids are released they get a snack while the Kindergarteners go to either centers or gym. They also hava a homework club.

So Nick has been bugging me to either go to Kidz Zone or to a daycare after school. I try to explain to him that he is fortunate that he has a Mom that is able to be home with him, but he is not buying it. I remind him that in order for him to go to day care or KZ, I would have to get a job and would not be home as often. He didn't really care, sigh. And apparently this is a hot top in the Kinder circle. I spend a lot, I mean a lot, of time at Nick's school, helping in the library, with PTO things and pretty much anything in general where they need parent volunteer's. So one of the many days I was at Nick's school but unable to have lunch with him, I went to the cafeteria to give him a smooch before he went back to class. He was in line, waiting to leave and as I walked up one of his little buddy's cornered me and said "hey when are you going to get a job so Nick can go to Kidz Zone?" Nice.

Anyway, I finally decided I can trust them enough with my child's care for an hour and a half. So this past Tuesday, he went to KidzZone for the first time. He loved it. Loved. Seriously loved. When I picked him up, he gaved me a huge hug, he was so happy. Oh not to see me, but that he got to go to KZ. He hugged me even tighter and said...

"Can you leave and come back later?"


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