Friday, November 26, 2010

Turkey for the Turkeys

Had a great Thanksgiving. We spent the better part of the day over at B's grandmother's house. Lots of family and lots of fun. The boys were very excited about this holiday, as they are any holiday. Nicholas kept asking what time was the "feast". And he was happy to correct anyone who mistakenly called it "dinner".

They boys spent the night at their "Cranmama's" house with some of their cousins so Bryant and I had a nice evening at home watching Christmas Vacation. Well, I did, B just humors me by watching it. But I cant start off the holiday season without watching the Griswalds.

Christmas decorating is almost complete. Outside lights-check, tree up-check, house decorated-check. Well, almost, I need to cut some limbs off of my magnolia tree. I love using real magnolia leaves with my mantle garland and on top of the buffets.

The tree looks great, my two little decorators out did themselves. Although I did have to go back a bit later and move some ornaments around. Not because I was worried about how they looked but seriously, I don't think it is entirely safe to have 6 glass ornaments on one small branch.

Finding it really hard to believe that my one of my hibiscus trees is blooming on Thanksgiving but there it is.

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