Saturday, January 30, 2010

All Things Snow

Finally. A decent snow. I think, by my unofficial measurements, we have about 5.5 inches. It is hard to tell because of our grass and drifts but that is my clearly uneducated guess.

The boys are lovin' it. This is really the most snow they have ever been out in. N ran right out and made a big ol' snow angel. G was a bit more cautious, he took a few tentative steps, told me it "kinda scared" him, the ran full tilt for N, knocking them both down with a very impressive tackle. It was full on then.

Lotsa fun outdoors. We stayed out there for over an hour, then came in and had hot cocoa while I made lunch-tomato bisque and grilled Butterkase cheese sandwiches. Yummy yummy. And of course, more hot cocoa. N told me he "could never get tired of drinking hot chocolate, even in summer". We'll see.

Here's some pics of our fun day outside.

Right before the tackle.

Admiring the snow angel, which looks much better than the last one.

Snow Friend

And a little bit of sledding.

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