Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Biggest Snow We have had in Years...or not

Our meteorologists are predicting another "biggest snow we have had in years" again. Sigh, while I would love to believe this, especially for the boys sake, this will be the "biggest snow we have had in years" in the past 2 weeks, with nary a snow flake. I think the only people that are happy with these inaccurate forcasts are the execs at Kroger and Publix.

Went to the grocery today, as I do every Thursday since the boys are in school. This way I can shop without complaints, or at least complaints that I can hear, and without sneaky little hands tossing in junk food while I am not looking. This happens a lot, and most of the time I dont realize it until we get home. You see, at Publix they not only bag your groceries and carry them to the car, they also load them onto the conveyor belt for you. There have been plenty a box of fruit snacks that have been plucked off the shelf, loaded on the conveyor and stuck into my thick recycle bags without me noticing until I load them in the pantry.

So my trip to the grocery store today, ugh! Too many people, not enough milk or cashiers and everyone short on patience. I guess they wanted to make sure they were well stocked and safe at home before the "biggest snow we have had in years" hits, uh, 24 hours from now. I can not imagine that all these people are transplants from more Southern states. Some of them have to be from the north and some of them have to have lived here long enough to realize that our forcasts are rarely correct, say like 3 years should clue them in. And why the bad moods? Maybe I was still riding the "I cannot believe I am out and about sans kids" high that I usually get while they are in school, but I saw no reason for the rudeness that some of these shoppers were tossing around.

Oh well, I guess it goes hand in hand around here with these "biggest snow we have had in years" forcasts.

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