Monday, January 4, 2010

Cabin fever

The boys go back to school tomorrow! I cannot wait. I love love love them, but we have some serious cases of cabin fever. It has been freezing here, literally the temp has not been out of the 20's in days and we have not been out of the house in days either. I wish I could say I used this time with my boys to do something, anything, constructive, but nah, all we did is play. We played with our Christmas toys, worked some puzzles, played a lot of new board games, shot some basketball and did a whole lot of coloring. We laid around on the couch and watched movies way too much. This one time, at band camp, nah, I'm kidding about band camp, but N wore the same pair of jammies for two straight days, never taking them off.

But things will go back to normal tomorrow and I can go grocery shopping all by myself. Because they are predicting a couple of inches of snow on Thursday, so I need to stock up since school will be out...again.

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