Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Olympics-a major event

The boys and I, and B too, have been watching the Olympics like mad. Every day we turn it on to catch a few minutes and every night, we cuddle up on the couch and watch snowboarding or skiing or figure skating or speed skating, both regular and short track. We love it all. We even love louge and aerial skiing. Its all great and we are great Americans cheering our American athletes on. And when there are no American athletes, we cheer the Canadians to victory. We pretty much cheer for everyone but the French and the Koreans, lol. Although we are kinda pulling for Kim Yu-Na to win if an American or Canadian doesn't win.

Our favorite athletes are Evan Lysecheck, Lindsey Vonn, Suan White (my personal favorite because he is like the coolest guy in the world), Bode Miller, and N's favorite Ashleigh McIvor from Cananda. N's middle name is McIver, so he thinks they are cousins. He cheered as hard as any Canadian on the sidelines when she won gold. And it is so funny to watch the boys. It is not enough for them to watch the Olympics, Our den has been the scene of double McTwists, triple sowchows, world record speed skating times and multiple hockey goals.

The Olympics have not just been on TV here, they have been an event for us all to enjoy. Go USA and Go World!

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