Thursday, December 10, 2009

One of those days

Today was interesting. The boys went to school this morning, I had fun dropping them off. As much as I love them, it sure is nice to have some "me" time where I can run errands without zipping up coats, fighting over wearing a hat, pushing/pulling kids into car seats, and finally making sure the DVD player has just the right movie in. And not just doing this once, but every single time we get in the car. For me, although it is not easier, I much prefer the summer if for no other reason than less clothes, therefore easier to get in and out of the car.

So I came home, cleaned a bit, did some laundry, and worked on Christmas presents. Relaxing enough day until...

Picked G up from school then had an hour to waste until time to pick up N. Well, not being one to waste an hour, I decided to run to Target and pick up a couple of presents for Mimi and some necessities. Ugh. What.a.mistake. G was wild from the moment we walked in. When we got to Target, we had to do the whole fighting to put on sweater, coat and hat, so by the time we got in there, we did not have near as much time as I would have liked. G did not want to ride in the cart. Normally he can walk beside me but since time was short, and so are his legs, I needed him to ride. He insisted on one of those carts that has the toddler seats in it. I knew it would be a mistake as he could get down at will unless I used the nasty 5 point harness in it. So of course, mid way through the store he was running around. I moved him to the cart part where you put your loot, but he kept standing up and trying to get out. So rather than deal with a major concussion and possible stitches, I moved him back to the seat things and strapped him in the 5 point harness, germs and all. Yikes, the yelling and screaming he did were humiliating in a "why cant that Mom handle her children" kind of way, was enough to make me crave a drink, and I am not talking iced tea. He apparently holds a grudge because by the time were were through, he had calmed down, however after paying, when I let him out he had his revenge. He ran from me and hid in between the carts. Nice. I could not fit in there, unless I got on my knees and crawled between them, so I had to now cajole, now threaten, now plead, now bribe him to come out. It was not pretty. Then I had to forcibly stuff his arms into the sleeves of both his sweater and then his coat, all the while he is bending his arms at the elbow and limp noodling his legs, making it nearly impossible. Sometime during this struggle, my automatic car door opened came off and is lost to me. Checked on replacement cost and it looks like I will be unlocking my own doors with a key from now on, sigh.

We were almost 5 full minutes late picking N up from school. I am always the first Mom there, so I felt horrible that Ms Debbie had to wait on us. Fortunately for me, another Mom pulled in after I picked N up. Wonder how her day went? For some reason, call it insanity, I decided to stop at the grocery on the way home. I wouldn't have but I promised B I would make sausage balls for him to take to work tomorrow and I needed both sausage and cheese.

Grocery store=more of the same only with 2 kids acting like heathens. I think it is safe to say it will be a long while before I go back to Publix, maybe never. And I loved that store.

Now I am cooking dinner and wondering if it is alright to open a bottle of wine and if I did, would I drink it all before Bryant got home? Prolly alcohol is not a good idea.

Just one of those days and I am looking forward to starting a new, less stressful one tomorrow.

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