Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Missing Musketeer

Wow, I really miss my first born son. N has spent the night over his "Cranmama's" house for the past two nights. He loves spending the night over there, in fact, he loves spending the night anywhere but at home. Although, truthfully, other than camping trips to one of Daddy's new houses, he does not spend the night away from home anywhere but Cranmama's house.

And while I am glad he has such a special bond with Cranmama, and that he so enjoys new adventures, I cant help but have my feelings hurt. Am I just a boring mother, no fun at all? I know he doesn't want to leave for lack of toys, the amount of toys they boys' have is ridiculous and downright shameful (time for another donation). He has a great room, a comfy bed, plenty of movies to watch when it is too cold to go outside. We play games, do crafts. He is never idle, so is it me? Am I too strict? A stick in the mud?

Well, whatever the reason, I miss my big guy. As fun as it is to hang with G exclusively, three musketeers are more fun than two musketeers. And we both miss him!

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