Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Worry Much?

Ugh, I hate making decisions, especially ones with serious consequences. Vaccinate or not? On the one hand, if I can prevent my child from getting any illness, I would jump at the chance. But on the other hand, if said form of prevention could lead to other, longer and more permanent illnesses, then "no, thank you".

I tried making a list of pro's and con's but basically my pro list was "no death from h1n1" and my con list was "possible autism or death from Guillaume Barre syndrome".

Which brings me to my next issue-do I really look for things to worry about, as B suggests? Is this normal, to automatically worry about worse case scenarios or am I a freak? My Mom is a worrier, I mean a serious worrier the likes of which you have never seen. She of course, thinks that to worry excessively about dying from sepsis, brought on from an ear infection obtained by sticking your head out the door in 50 degree weather, is completely normal and the sign of a good parent. Now I know that is excessive, but where does good healthy worry start and end? I think maybe, if I had a life of "worse case scenarios", then immediately jumping to that conclusion would be expected. But that's not the case. We have been very blessed. I know that, so why do I automatically assume the "worse case" scenario?

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