Thursday, December 31, 2009

The End of a Decade

Wow, what at decade. I have been reflecting on it for the past couple of days, with both tears and smiles. I still haven't decided what I want to say about it, so excuse the rambling.

We've gone through some financial ups and downs, some emotional highs and lows, death, birth, and here we are, looking forward to a brand new decade. But first, I feel the need to reflect and put this one to bed.

Since the beginning of this decade we have added to our family 2 more nieces, 2 great nieces, and 4 great nephews. And lest you think I have forgotten, we have also added the two biggest blessings ever known to man, N & G. What a great decade for beautiful new babies.

The same decade that gave us our greatest joy also took some pretty important loved ones from us.

My Dad. My hero. The one person who always stood between me and whatever catastrophe I created. I am sad that I no longer have his hand to hold, his shoulder to lean my head on, his stupid jokes that he told over and over again and never got funnier with the telling. His ability to laugh at the absurd, which he passed on to me and my younger sister. I am so very sad that he never got to meet his grandsons who are so much like him. G with his dimples and N with his eyes, that completely light up with mischief and completely break my heart. And they both inherited his ability to find the prettiest girl in the room, no matter her age, and flirt outrageously.

B lost two both of his grandfather's. His granddaddy Ernest who used to take him fishing. Several times a year, B's extended family all gathered at his grandparents house. It was a great opportunity for our kids to spend time with their great grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins. I hope that continues for years to come, even though his grandfather has passed. His other grandfather, Papaw. B loved this man so much. So many of his childhood memories included Papaw and Nanny, both gone now. B said to me the other night "I hope he knew how much I have always loved him". I think he most certainly did.

I also lost my stepfather, Raymond, who died unexpectedly last year at the age of 63. My Mom is almost lost without him and my boys miss him terribly. He is in our prayers every night.

But oh what a decade it has been. Look what the Lord has blessed us with. I have cherished every single second of their lives. I experienced the miracle of their births. The nerves when we first brought them home from the hospital (thank goodness when didn't have to drive far, we were about 15 mph below the speed limit). Watched their first smiles. I remember the sweet smell of their baby breaths, I wish I could bottle that up and pull it out to smell whenever I wanted. Held their hands while they practiced taking their first steps. I've had plenty of kisses for "boo boos" and plenty of hugs for "just because." During this wonderful decade I have watched them grow from tiny infants, into toddlers, into preschoolers and now, in N's case, into a boy. I have so enjoyed experiencing the world again through their eyes. With their wonder and excitement. Every thing is so new and so magical. Thank you my sweet boys for that wonderful gift.

So now on to ushering out this decade that has brought joy and sorrow, laughter and tears. So long "first decade of the new century" and hello 2010!

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