Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Soccer Ready

Ahhhhh...spring soccer season has come and gone. And despite the mostly crappy weather (we only had two games with temps above 50), we had a great season. This was Greyson's last year in the Kickeroo league (ages 3-4) but Nicholas has another couple of years on the 8 and under league. Greyson was by far the oldest and most advanced player on his team. Not bragging, ok maybe a little, but he was at least 5 months older than the next oldest player on his team and pretty much a year older than the rest. At this age, it really makes a difference and Greyson scored at least 3 goals a game and usually a few more than that. Nicholas, on the other hand, was by far the youngest and the smallest on his team. He held his own but mostly, because of his size, played the half back position (I think) which is defense. For this I am very thankful, because whenever he played offense, I watched with my heart in my throat. He is so tiny out there, although he has a big heart, weighing no more than 43 lbs compared to all these 60 + lb kids. For this reason alone, I would be glad the season is over with no broken bones or serious injuries (we did have a few soccer balls to the face and a couple of clipping accidents).

Now we are moving on to the summer sports of T Ball, swimming and golf, but mostly we will participate in the very serious sports of playing and giggling. Just the thought of 2 months of nothing but fun makes me smile. And to quote the great philosopher Buddy the Elf "smiling's my favorite".

I'll leave you with a few photos of from soccer. Please forgive me for the lack of photos of Nicholas actually playing (I do have a few but not too many) mostly I was praying on the side lines and unable to snap any shots. I'll try to update regularly about our lazy summer days.

I think this may have been from the fall, regardless you can see the huge size difference and why I said a few "Hail Mary's" before every game.

Nick getting his trophy. He was very excited to add this to his growing collection.

Greyson getting his trophy. He was also excited to add this to his collection.

Nicholas relaxing on the sidelines and cheering his brother on. This was during Greyson's game and no, they did not play on the same team, they play 2 leagues apart, they just had the same color uni's.


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