Monday, May 30, 2011

The Graduate(s)

Wow, I am having a hard time with this. My big boy graduated from Kindergarten and my baby graduated from preschool. WTH? I don't get how they got so big, so fast. While I love every minute of their growing and learning, I still feel a bit sad and wistful for the babies they were. Nicholas is so smart, much too smart for an almost 7 year old and he has now entered the "cool boy" stage. This is where he starts to wonder if some of the things he does is "cool" or babyish. And he is always do busy. Whether it is with sports, or school or just play, he always has to be doing something. I love how his mind works, he is always planning or building. He is never as happy as when he is plotting his next move or constructing something. So much fun to watch and listen, but would it kill him to snuggle on the couch with me for more than a couple of minutes? Greyson is...ahhhh....he is Greyson, his very own person and so very different from his brother. He is still preschool cuddly, loving when he wants to be and likes nothing better than to curl up in my lap while I read a book to him or watch a movie with him. But I know these days are numbered so I am taking my snuggles as often and as long as I can get them.

Greyson received his diploma. He was very proud of his cap. That is Grey in the green plaid shorts and white vest.

Greyson with Miss Jessica. He is sad to leave her but really looking forward to having Mrs. Braswell as his teacher (shhhh, don't tell anyone)

Nicholas before his graduation. He is so handsome.

Well, here she is...Mrs. Braswell (aka the other woman). Nicholas is so sad to leave her, he is completely crazy about her and cannot imagine how he could ever love a teacher as much. I am sure he will manage somehow. He did mention that he will need to walk Greyson to class every morning so he can give Mrs. Braswell a hug. That boy.

I'll update again soon with some really cute pics from their last soccer games and trophy presentation.

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