Friday, December 31, 2010

Going Out With a Bang

Wow, another year over and a new one is about to begin. I can't believe it. This year just flew by. Now it's time to start a new year and with it the annual wishing it was already spring fever has begun. Seriously, in our house, the clock chimes midnight on New Year's Day and we are counting down until spring. Part of it is we just are not cold weather people. Part of it is we hate wearing so many clothes. And another part is, in order for me to sell the outgrown clothes on ebay, I have to start washing, steaming and photographing the summer clothes mid January. Yikes. Not looking forward to that.

Thankfully mother nature blessed us with a very nice and warm last day of the year. We pretty much spent all day outside in pleasant, if a bit windy, 68 degree weather. Loved it. Here are few pics of our evening, with more to come. I am taking a break and nursing a non alcohol related headache, but in a few minutes we will be having the Woodard Wii Winter Olympics. Nicholas used his Toysrus gift card (thank you Aunt Margie) to buy Mario & Sonic's Vancouver Winter Olympics for our Wii. And the games will begin shortly. After that it is a night of board games, movies and ringing in the new year. The boys think they will make it to midnight and we are going to let them, but my money is on them crashing within 5 minutes of Legends of the Guardian movie. We'll see. For now, here are a few pics from earlier.

Nicholas strapping his helmet on for a bit of Rip Rider Racing.
Greyson decided he had rather race his old scooter, rather than the Rip Rider or his new scooter.

The Rip Rider in case anyone was wondering what the heck I was talking about. It is like a big wheel, only it has caster wheels and spins like crazy. Both boys have one and they give me numerous moments of severe heart palpitations but the boys love them.
Staking out the site for the fireworks display.
My little rednecks, finding their seats (many many yards away) to watch the show.
The show!

These were actually incredible fireworks for shooting off in the back yard, or in our case, the front yard. And to all our're welcome for the redneck display, we were happy to provide it, along with the extremely loud booms that accompanied them. Sorry we only shot of 12 of them, lol.

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