Thursday, August 4, 2011

First Day of School, First Day of School

We love the movie Nemo and I love when Nemo wakes his Dad by saying "First Day of School, First Day of School". Nicholas, on the other hand, was not quite as thrilled. Hmmmmm.

But he rebounded nicely and was so very excited once we got going. Not sure what is with the smirk in this photo, but I thought it was funny. As least more funny than the eye rolls he has started giving me. Is he 7 or 17?

So Nicholas started school on Monday and Greyson had his first day on Tuesday. This is funny to me, but on Monday, Greyson and I walked Nicholas to his class (more on that excitement later). The whole way to Nick's class Greyson clung to my hand, which he would also do last year. Then on Tuesday, I was a bit worried that he would cling to me, although he is normally pretty well adjusted. So we got out of the car and Nicholas offered to hold his hand. Greyson was having none of it. When we were inside the building I grabbed his hand and he said "No, just follow me but dont hold my hand". And he led the way to his class. Before you think he is a walking GPS, it was Nick's class last year and Greyson and I checked it out the day before.

Happy to be a big boy.

Greyson in his classroom. He was not at all upset that I was leaving, only so excited to join the ranks of the "big boys". I love that kid.

So I cant remember if I posted an update on Nick's school situation or not, so sorry for the possible redux. Nicholas was IN LOVE with his teacher from last year, Mrs. Braswell. He simultaneously looked forward to summer break and dreaded not seeing her everyday. He had already made up his mind to walk Greyson to class every morning just to see her.

Fortunately for Nicholas, Mrs. Braswell is now a 1st Grade teacher and Nicholas is her newest student. We have known about it all summer but did not tell him. So when he went to class, I told him the whole way that he had a teacher that was new to teaching 1st grade and maybe he would love her as much as he loved Mrs. Braswell. When we walked into her room I said "Look there's your new teacher" and he said "I dont see her but there's Mrs. Braswell" and he was so excited. So then I told him that Mrs. Braswell was now teaching 1st grade and she was his new teacher. He ran to hug her and said "thank you" to Mrs. Braswell. I am not sure but I think he is under the impression that Mrs. Braswell moved up just to be his teacher again. He also reminded me that he would be in school longer now that he was in 1st grade. Then he let me know he was very happy about that because he could spend more time with Mrs. Braswell. He surely does love his teacher.

So the first couple of days of school have been very eventful and very smooth. I am still trying to come to terms with losing my daily sidekick but still have a few more days to enjoy him. Grey goes to school on Tuesday and Friday of next week for a half day before starting full time and full days on the 15th. We are managing to put a lot of fun and snuggles into our last few days. Not too many tears on my part, but I have a feeling that after the first full day I will be a wreck. I already miss him so much.

Will update more after the boys' birthday parties and Grey's actual birthday. It is going to be a busy and hectic couple of weeks.

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