Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Waiting for Superman

Probably not politically correct to use that title but we are. Waiting for Superman that is...and batman and a few more Spiderman things.

Finally we moved Greyson from the twin bed into a full sized bed. We have put it off and put if off for several reasons. One, I liked the idea of my baby sleeping in the same bed his Daddy slept in when he was not much older than Grey. Two, it could be pushed up against the wall so I didn't have to worry about Greyson rolling out of it. Three, I spent a ton of money and time on the perfect train decor for his room. But I originally picked it out and decorated it for Nicholas, and when I moved Nicholas up to a Queen sized bed, this became Greyson's room. Although he did and does like trains well enough, he does not get as excited about transportation as Nicholas does. His passion is Super Heroes!

So in keeping with that theme, we have moved him into a full sized bed and turned his room into the Super Hero cave. He is so proud of it. It is not quite finished, we are waiting on the arrival of a Superman shield and a Batman mural, both should arrive this coming week, and his Spiderman duvet and shams should be in sometime during the first week or so of April. I will try my best over the next few weeks to find some really cool, but somewhat tasteful, Superhero stuff to add to his room. Some of it is so cheesy, especially the Batman stuff. the Batman mural we are doing is more of a Dark Knight type suit, as opposed to the original ugly blue and gray. So even though it is not finished, he loves it and every person that walks in the front door is treated to a tour of his room by the sweetest superhero tour guide in the world.

And after laying on a healthy dose of Mommy guilt about being left out, Nicholas was able to score some new sheets for his bed.

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