Monday, February 14, 2011

Batman and Sparkly Robin

Greyson and I spent the morning playing in the Bat Cave (one of his Imaginext toys) and waiting for the GE repairman. I thought we were having lots of fun until Greyson told me I was not playing right and then he took his toys and went home. Well, into another room anyway. At first, I got to be Batman to his Joker. But they were both on the same "team" according to Grey.
This is when we were making a getaway after a highly profitable bank robbery of money and suckers. We then went back to our secret lair, aka the Bat Cave, located behind Chuck E Cheese. Greyson loves to talk about Chuck E Cheese, even though he has never been there and as long as I am living, he will never go there.

"I'm King of the World" or at least the Bat Cave.

Alas, Greyson thought I was having too much fun with Batman, so he took him from me and gave me Robin, but he still let me be on his "team". Only he could not find Robin, so he gave me this dude with the shaved head and goatee. You cant tell from this picture, but "Robin's" suit is a very sparkly bluish silver. I don't know for sure, but I think "Robin" here may be playing on a different team entirely.
The reason I spent over an hour playing Batman and Sparkly Robin.

Couldn't you just eat him up?

Only for my precious Greyson would I sit in the floor for hours on end and let both Batman and the Joker kick the sh*t out of my Sparkly non Robin dude.

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