Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow, Snow, go away, come again next December

Sad, but only 13 days into January and I am so over the snow. It was a huge mood setter during early December, really got me in the mood to Christmas shop and sing carols. It was magical on Christmas Day, only the second white Christmas of my entire life. The boys were enchanted. It was pretty cool to get some good sledding snow (although we did not really sled) in early January and it melted pretty fast. But now? Give me a break already. It has snowed every stinking day this week. Seriously. Every. Day. And if you are unfamiliar with how the school system works in Tennessee, this means that regardless of additional accumulation, there is no school.

We live in a great county but sadly it has hills. Big hills. Big hills surrounded by trees. Big hills surrounded by trees that block the sunlight. Big hills surrounded by trees that block the sunlight and prevent the snow and ice from melting when the temp never gets out of the 20's. Big freaking frozen hills that are no where near my house or the boys school, yet they still prevent them from going and making me a crazy person. I hate hills and I hate snow, well at least until next December. Then it will be a mood setter and magical again.

Ok, I did not actually take this picture, it is just some random picture off the internet. It is what I would assume these hilly roads would look like were I in love with the snow enough to actually desire to get out in it and snap some pics. It is what I would assume those roads would look like in order to close the schools for 4 stinkin' DAYS!

Thinking maybe the bears have the right idea.

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