Saturday, January 30, 2010

All Things Snow

Finally. A decent snow. I think, by my unofficial measurements, we have about 5.5 inches. It is hard to tell because of our grass and drifts but that is my clearly uneducated guess.

The boys are lovin' it. This is really the most snow they have ever been out in. N ran right out and made a big ol' snow angel. G was a bit more cautious, he took a few tentative steps, told me it "kinda scared" him, the ran full tilt for N, knocking them both down with a very impressive tackle. It was full on then.

Lotsa fun outdoors. We stayed out there for over an hour, then came in and had hot cocoa while I made lunch-tomato bisque and grilled Butterkase cheese sandwiches. Yummy yummy. And of course, more hot cocoa. N told me he "could never get tired of drinking hot chocolate, even in summer". We'll see.

Here's some pics of our fun day outside.

Right before the tackle.

Admiring the snow angel, which looks much better than the last one.

Snow Friend

And a little bit of sledding.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Biggest Snow We have had in Years...or not

Our meteorologists are predicting another "biggest snow we have had in years" again. Sigh, while I would love to believe this, especially for the boys sake, this will be the "biggest snow we have had in years" in the past 2 weeks, with nary a snow flake. I think the only people that are happy with these inaccurate forcasts are the execs at Kroger and Publix.

Went to the grocery today, as I do every Thursday since the boys are in school. This way I can shop without complaints, or at least complaints that I can hear, and without sneaky little hands tossing in junk food while I am not looking. This happens a lot, and most of the time I dont realize it until we get home. You see, at Publix they not only bag your groceries and carry them to the car, they also load them onto the conveyor belt for you. There have been plenty a box of fruit snacks that have been plucked off the shelf, loaded on the conveyor and stuck into my thick recycle bags without me noticing until I load them in the pantry.

So my trip to the grocery store today, ugh! Too many people, not enough milk or cashiers and everyone short on patience. I guess they wanted to make sure they were well stocked and safe at home before the "biggest snow we have had in years" hits, uh, 24 hours from now. I can not imagine that all these people are transplants from more Southern states. Some of them have to be from the north and some of them have to have lived here long enough to realize that our forcasts are rarely correct, say like 3 years should clue them in. And why the bad moods? Maybe I was still riding the "I cannot believe I am out and about sans kids" high that I usually get while they are in school, but I saw no reason for the rudeness that some of these shoppers were tossing around.

Oh well, I guess it goes hand in hand around here with these "biggest snow we have had in years" forcasts.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Misty Morning

Took this picture from my backyard. Nothing much, just liked it. It was a nice, somewhat warm foggy winter morning.

I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike

Long time, no blog. Been a bit busy with the boys and a few other things. We have had some warmer weather so spending some time outside doing this

G got a new bike for Christmas and sadly this week was the first time it was warm enough to ride it. We had some really cold weather. I don't think the temp got above freezing for the first 2 weeks of the year. So we took advantage of a few warm days to get outside and break in the new bike. Poor G, he has already outgrown his new helmet and now I need to get him a new one. I just bought the old one for him last spring. Just shaking my head at the big ol' noggins on my two fellas.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sometimes the anticipation...

... is far more exciting...

...than the actual event. But...

...we certainly dont mind...

...making the best...

...of a situation.

And enjoying the rewards.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Cabin fever

The boys go back to school tomorrow! I cannot wait. I love love love them, but we have some serious cases of cabin fever. It has been freezing here, literally the temp has not been out of the 20's in days and we have not been out of the house in days either. I wish I could say I used this time with my boys to do something, anything, constructive, but nah, all we did is play. We played with our Christmas toys, worked some puzzles, played a lot of new board games, shot some basketball and did a whole lot of coloring. We laid around on the couch and watched movies way too much. This one time, at band camp, nah, I'm kidding about band camp, but N wore the same pair of jammies for two straight days, never taking them off.

But things will go back to normal tomorrow and I can go grocery shopping all by myself. Because they are predicting a couple of inches of snow on Thursday, so I need to stock up since school will be out...again.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Snow Expectations

The first blog of 2010. So far this year has been great. Granted, it is only less than 36 hours old but hey, I am an optimisit, right?

We woke up to snow this morning.

Oh, not this snow, this is just a random picture that I liked. We had a very fine dusting that you could almost see through the grass. The boys were so excited to see it coming down. G was even planning his snow angel and N actually asked if we had carrots to use for a nose for his huge snowman he was planning to build "right next to the street". Then, 10 minutes later, it stopped. Poor guys, it looks like a trip to the mountains is going to be the only way the boys get enough snow to play in.